7 irresistible desserts you may add to your next event in Fremantle

eclair with a twist

The whole world is on a bit of a sugar high thanks to social media – Instagram (and most likely Pinterest too!). It’s almost impossible to scroll through Instagram without coming across a photo of mouthwatering sweets. Not only has Instagram turned consumers into food critics, it has also sparked chefs, bakers and candycane makers of the world including our team here at Esplanade Hotel Fremantle by Rydges to be creative with our offerings simply to WOW you and your guests away at your next event.

Some of these desserts we are about to show you are already making us drool like babies and we think it might just do the same to you – E.N.J.O.Y! :

1. Freakshakes

Freakshake by The Flamingo Stories

Photo credit: The Flamingo Stories

Does your milkshake brings all the boys to the yard? Probably back in 2008 but certainly not in 2017! These over-the-top milkshakes are guaranteed to make others stare at you while you slurp, sip and eat everything around and within the jar. Perfect for charity events, school balls, social event or your next Christmas parties in Fremantle.

2. Ice-cream filled doughnut sandwiches

Ice cream doughnuts filled with ice cream

Photo credit: Optimus Real Estate

Guests are no longer satisfied with just a piece of chocolate cake or sugar coated doughnuts served after mains. They want both PLUS the ability to add their own coatings and inject their own preferred flavours into the doughnut which makes the whole event experience even more interactive!

3. Cookie shots

Cookie shots

Photo credit: Dominiqueansel

Because cookie shots are better than tequila shots …well at least it doesn’t give you that nasty hangover!

4. Coffee ice-cream served 3 ways

Mini desserts

One is never enough so let’s make it 3 on a serving plate for your next Gala and Award Dinner in Fremantle. Those who like to end the evening with a coffee or tea would like this idea! Coffee Ice Cream Bar made with cold brew coffee syrup, chocolate cake, hot fudge, and candied macadamia nuts… a bittersweet evening well deserved.

5. Reinvented Classic 

Chocolate Brownie Sundae Ice Cream cake

Photo credit: Martha Stewart

We have seen more innovation around basic staples these days and we couldn’t agree more that it is even tastier by transforming an old school brownie sundae into an ice-cream cake, shareable by all on the table.

6. Eclair with a Twist

eclair with a twist

Photo credit: Revistadulcypas

The global dessert addiction is even more irresistible with picture perfect #dessert photo like this line up of eclairs which put you into a sugar coma instantly. We no longer expect just cream and chocolate coated eclair…its time to take your event to the next level!

7. Avocado Chocolate Egg Ice-Cream

Avocado Chocolate Egg Ice Cream

Photo credit: Revistadulcypas

Dare to try something new? We bet you are! This is the ultimate refreshing dessert that has beautiful texture and leaves a delightful taste. Ask our team or enquire now for your next event