How to have an amazing winter wedding

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A winter wedding can be an event that your guests will remember for the rest of their lives. Not only because they got to witness your special day, but also because of the work you put it in to make it so memorable. We’re wedding experts and so we have put together some ideas to help you make your winter wedding wonderful.

Construct your menu carefully
Winter is a season that evokes a creeping chill. That’s why, in winter months, we seek warmth. By choosing the right dishes, your wedding menu can conjure that perfect feeling of warmth, even as the cold wind blows just outside. Comfort food is perfect for this time of year. This can range from bowls of savoury soup to hot pies and some truly delicious desserts. Coordinating your menu to the season will ensure that you have an amazing winter wedding.

Negotiate with your vendors
Winter can be a slower time for wedding vendors. This is a good opportunity for you to negotiate with them to see if they have any specials or offers running during the winter months. This won’t always apply, unfortunately, but you could save some money that can be spent elsewhere.

Coordinate your colours
A winter wedding gives you a range of colours that aren’t summer appropriate. Not only does this give your more choice, the colours will be more memorable as they will stand out against the flood of summer colours that are always chosen. Typically, winter colours are cooler, so coordinate them accordingly and your guests will always remember your amazing winter wedding.

Celebrate the season with your decorations
A winter wedding with summer decorations will stick in a guest’s mind for all the wrong reasons. Keep your decorations season appropriate, and have some fun, for a wedding that is classy and memorable. Winter can mean a lot of different things, consider how you want your guests to think about the season while they are at your special day. We offer decoration assistance, so be sure to ask how we can help make your winter wedding incredible.

The most important thing to remember when planning an amazing winter wedding is that it is a day for you and the people you love. The best way to make your winter wedding memorable is to have fun and to marry the person you love. The Esplanade Hotel is here to give you the wedding of your dreams, with a variety of wedding packages and a dedicated wedding coordinator for your special day. Contact us today on (08) 9432 4801 and let us take the stress out of planning your wedding.