Why the colder months are ideal for conferences


Picking the right time for your conference can mean the difference between a packed house and a sparse showing. Though it might sound strange, the best time for a conference can be during the colder months, rather than the beautiful weather of summer. As the conference experts, we’re going to show you why.

Winter is for work, summer for play
People prefer to holiday when the weather is good. Summer is also the longest holiday period for schools, so families usually plan their holiday time accordingly. By organising your conference in the colder part of the year, people are more likely to be available and attend. Guest speakers and presenters will also more likely be available to book, unless another conference has had the same idea. Finally, it is easier to focus on spending time indoors for a conference if it isn’t a beautiful day outside.

Special rates
During the offseason, accommodation and venue bookings often offer special rates to attract business. If you’re organising an interstate or international conference, being able to offer a special rate on accommodation will make the difference for attendees. It is always worth contacting your venue to see what business rates they have to offer for the offseason.

Cooler weather = comfort
A conference is a professional setting. That means appropriate attire should be worn by everyone. This can become uncomfortable in the summer, even if the venue is air-conditioned the rest of the conference activities might not be. By holding your conference in the cooler part of the year, your attendees will be more relaxed because they won’t be overheating.

Knock-on for networking
By holding a conference in the colder months, you’ll have increased attendance, special discounts and more comfortable weather. This will all have a positive impact on networking for attendees. Not only will they have a wider pool of like-minded professionals to network with, thanks to your organisational abilities, they will also be more likely to attend the networking events before and after the conference. The cooler weather means people will not be put off the idea of having a few drinks and nibbles as they won’t be doing so in the boiling heat. This will also make breaking the ice easier for your attendees.

Locations will be less crowded
The offseason doesn’t just affect conferences, it also affects tourism. Fewer tourists in an area will mean it is less crowded for your attendees. Your attendees will enjoy easier access, better parking and can enjoy some of the touristy spots when they aren’t at conference events.

Overall, planning a conference in the colder months has many advantages. The main thing to consider is a venue that can provide you with the support you need. The Esplanade Hotel offers a professional function and events space with a variety of packages to suit your needs. We maintain a professional team who will support your conference and help you make it a success. Contact us today on 08 9432 4801 and plan your offseason success story.