Everything You Need To Know About Drone Photography For Your Wedding


Not all wedding venues in Fremantle are suitable for drone photography – but The Esplanade Hotel certainly is. The historic property that hosts our hotel is visually stunning from any angle. In fact, the historic architecture of the hotel is often cited as one of many reasons that couples choose to host their nuptials here.

Photo opportunities abound on our property, and with a professional drone operator at your service, you’ll be able to take advantage of rarely seen angles of approach and vantage points. In fact, the entire surrounding area in Fremantle is absolutely beautiful from a drone’s perspective. The collection of videos and photographs taken on your special day is going to be even more memorable when a drone-mounted camera is in the mix.

A drone photographer will be able to take evocative footage of the property leading up to the sea – or of the bride and groom leaving the hotel to strike off on their honeymoon. In every case, you gain a new sense of perspective when aerial photography is included in your wedding package.

How to Arrange Drone Photography at Perth Wedding Venues

These days, it really isn’t that difficult to find hobbyists with drones in Perth, Fremantle and the surrounding area. Today’s drones are lighter and more affordable than ever before, and the cameras that they employ take incredibly vivid, high-definition images and videos.

With that in mind, there are many hobbyists in the greater Perth area who are available to take drone photography at your wedding (many at attractive discounts). In our experience, you can arrange a drone photo package for your wedding day for as little as $500 – a small price to pay when you consider the lifelong appeal of such amazing footage.

Even so, there is much to be said for hiring a professional drone operator who is experienced in finding and exploiting the best angles and aerial vantage points for your wedding photography. After all, a drone operator may not necessarily have a knack for photography as well. But a wedding photographer with a drone on hand should have all the requisite skills.

But regardless of whether you choose to hire a professional or amateur drone operator to take aerial footage on your wedding day, you will still want to make sure that they are fully insured to cover any potential accidents or injuries – however unlikely. On an occasion as important as your wedding day, there is simply no reason to take any unnecessary chances.

Our Wedding Planning Team Can Help You Arrange Drone Photography

If you have selected The Esplanade to host your upcoming wedding, then our wedding planning team can help you make all of the necessary arrangements for your special day. If you would like to add a drone photography package to your wedding day, just let us know and we’ll help connect you with the best drone operators to suit your budget.