The FUNdamentals of Wedding Planning

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So, you’re engaged and now starting to plan your wedding. Of course it will be a wonderful day filled with laughter, joy and most of all love!

But before “I do’s”, glamourous ballrooms and dancing the night away with your one and only you need to sit down and put down a few ground rules. Not for your guests but for yourself. Wedding planning can take you off on a tangent from idea to idea and then you realise you’re onto a totally different plan to what you started with and don’t know how you ever got there. Trust me Pinterest can be your best friend but also your worst enemy.

So to help avoid any mishaps and going through pages of unbelievably beautiful but totally different pictures on google images I have a few tips.

  1. Know what you want1234
    Discuss with you partner what you both want for your big day. It’s a special time for both of you. You’ve got your ideas but so does he. You’d be surprised at how much input grooms will put in.
    Discuss other weddings you have been to, what you did and didn’t like about them and then incorporate that into your plans.
    Figure out if you want an indoor or outdoor ceremony/reception and consider your colour scheme or overall theme.
  2. Budget
    No one loves being put on a budget but in reality you really need one. Delegate a certain amount to each factor of your wedding – ceremony, reception, attire and transportation. This helps so so much! It narrows things down for you, keeps you on track and if you find something ends up cheaper than expected then BONUS you can splurge somewhere else.
    A good realistic budget is absolute key!
  3. Date
    Well you’ve already narrowed this one down from the first point. Now it’s just a case of picking the exact date you’re looking for. Remember some venues do have seasonal specials and different pricing for weekday and weekend ceremonies and receptions so it can pay to be a bit flexible with dates to work in favor of your budget.
  4. Be realistic/flexible
    This is a huge tip! Be realistic in every aspect of the wedding planning process.
    You may have picked your dream venue but they just cannot allow you to release white doves or have fireworks on your bridal entry. It pa
    ys to ask when enquiring for venues up front. Weigh up the fact of not having that one thing and if it will really, matter at the end of the day.
  5. Have fun with it!

Follow these quick tips and you will be smooth sailing through the whole wedding planning process.