Get the most out of breakout sessions at your conference

Conference breakout session fremantle

So you’re planning your conference – you have your venue booked and your speakers locked in but when it comes to creating your agenda don’t forget about the importance of breakout sessions.

Breakout sessions can be an effective way of creating even more value and variety for your attendees. Here are some tips on creating valuable breakout sessions.

Add value
It’s no secret that conferences can be exhausting. Attendees are expected to sit in one spot all day listening to and taking in everything your speakers are presenting. So make sure that your breakout sessions actually add value to your attendees overall learning experience. Give them access to information or thought leaders that they may not have otherwise so that they walk away glad that they gave you even more of their undivided attention.

Choose the right facilitator
Breakout sessions usually involve your attendees participating in a learning experience rather than just listening, and when you have a room full of people who have never met before, that can be intimidating for some. The right facilitator is crucial to ensure maximum participation and make attendees feel comfortable interacting and participating with those around them.

Make sure your facilitator knows what the objectives are and is prepared to get the most out of your attendees.

Have the right facilities for your breakout sessions
Do you need a whiteboard for your breakout session? How about AV equipment? Maybe you need sticky notes or tape for your attendees to stick to the wall? Make sure you know what your breakout session facilitator is planning well in advance so that you can coordinate with the venue to have everything set up and ready to go when your attendees arrive.

Nothing kills a learning vibe more than failing equipment.

Proper breaks are important
If you’re offering breakout sessions at your conference, remember to give your attendees proper breaks where they can take time out to refuel. Don’t schedule your breakout sessions at the same time as actual breaks or some of your attendees will be running from one session to the next without time to eat or take a break.

Ask for feedback
Asking your attendees for feedback on what they loved and what could be improved is one of the best way to create even more value for your next conference. Send your attendees a survey a few days after the event, or have them complete paper surveys onsite to collate feedback on everything from breakout topics to the venue to food quality. Improving on your conference year after year is a sure way to encourage repeat attendance and drive even more value.

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