How to Get the Most Out of a Conference


Attending conferences and seminars is a great way to advance your career. Depending on the nature of the conference, attendees may learn more about their industry’s best practices, or perhaps they’ll become acquainted with new strategies and techniques to boost their performance. And that’s without even considering the opportunities for networking.

But it doesn’t matter how much thought and planning has gone into the conference structure. If you’re not prepared to do everything within your power to make the most of this opportunity, then you may find yourself disappointed.

The Esplanade Hotel is one of the top corporate venues in Fremantle, and we regularly host some of the highest-profile conferences and seminars in Western Australia. We’ve seen first-hand that some attendees have a knack for maximising the potential of each event they attend. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a few tips you can use to get more out of your next conference or seminar:

Follow Up with Your Existing Network
Conferences present a great time to meet and exchange contact info with professionals in your industry. But don’t do this at the expense of your existing contacts. Make a point of reconnecting with professionals who are already in your network – perhaps grabbing a coffee at the Marine Lounge Bar, or stopping by The Poolside Bar for cocktails after the day’s events are over. Whenever possible, try to arrange these meet-ups in advance by reaching out in the time leading up to the event.

Make Good Use of Your Time
It’s not uncommon for conferences to have optional sessions and even social events that attendees are expected to pick and choose from. Give plenty of advance consideration to which sessions you want to attend so that you can get the most out of your time. And if you find that you have a block of time where nothing really appeals, then don’t hesitate to schedule yourself some downtime. The Esplanade is well-located in the centre of Fremantle, with museums, historic architecture and a host of sightseeing attractions to enjoy in the area.

Embrace the Opportunity to Be Social
The conferences and seminars scheduled at The Esplanade usually combine informational and social aspects. We find that the savviest attendees understand how important it is to embrace the social aspects – making a point of engaging others in extended conversation, even if that means being late to the next session. The Esplanade has several restaurants and bars where you can enjoy an extended conversation with a new contact. Likewise, we also offer comfortable accommodation right on site, which means you don’t have to rush off when the event is over.

Attending a conference can be exhausting – especially if you’re not a dyed-in-the-wool extrovert. Don’t forget to take some time for yourself. This is one of the reason’s it’s such a good idea to book a room on-site, so you have the opportunity to retreat to your own quarters to recharge your batteries when necessary. And finally, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our support facilities and function venues in Fremantle.