Outdoor vs. Indoor Weddings


To wed indoors or outdoors that is question? It really can be the ultimate question when planning your wedding. It sets the theme and shows off your personal style for your big day. So what will it be? Outdoor garden party or a ballroom affair?

indoor weddingsIndoor weddings


Holding your ceremony or reception indoors has many positives. For one you don’t have to worry about organising a backup location if it rains – you didn’t sign up to be a weather girl.

Having your wedding ceremony or reception in an indoor venue means no need for sunscreen, an umbrella and more often than not, no need to swat those flies away during your vows or worse during your meal!

Most indoor venues such as a hotel will also provide you with an all-inclusive package. You’re keeping your costs down already and that only means more for the honeymoon. #winning


With the amount of positive reasons to have your wedding indoors you would be thinking this is a no-
brainer but with the pros come the cons or challenges as I like to call them. Most of the time a naked venue can look quite corporate and bland. Don’t let this deter you as with a little decorating you can completely transform a venue. Simply ask to see the venue set for a wedding if possible. On the other hand depending on the size of the venue decorating can get quite pricey. Especially if you’re looking at a ballroom with the works.


Outdoor weddings

Prosoutdoor weddings

Outdoor weddings scream summer, rustic, and floral arrangements for days. Let’s be honest they are ideal when you’re going for the laid back, boho feel. Who doesn’t want to enjoy time with family and friends in the sunshine enjoying the fresh air with a drink in hand.

Having your wedding outdoors is great if you hate being confined in crowded rooms and to be surrounded by fresh air. It’s also a bonus if a lot of your guests are smokers as they won’t have move too far away to have a cigarette and miss out on all of the festivities. Loud music? No problem! Late finish? All good here! And if you’re a lover of fairy lights or festoon lighting an outdoor wedding is what you need.


You may be a real fan of an outdoor wedding but if you’re planning a June celebration I’m going to have to rain on your parade. Literally. Don’t plan to have an outdoor wedding in winter and hope for the best. Chances are the weather will not work in your favor and leave you with a bitter memory of your wedding day.
If bugs are not your thing outdoors may not be ideal either. Unless you are accounting to have some sort of insect repellent ready to go.

indoor and outdoor weddingsJust remember someone has to clean everything after the party. If you are having your wedding celebrations outdoors on a private property there aren’t any staff around to do this. So make sure you guests are either happy to help clean up or you have a few people ready to come back the next day for a mass clean. It’s not overly glamorous but it is the price you pay when enjoying the outdoors. If all the rubbish is left out wildlife can get a hold of it and it can really endanger their lives.

Whether you have your wedding indoors or outdoors is a personal choice for you and your partner. Do what works for you and what you’d both enjoy.  Your family and friends are there to celebrate your big day with you, and your off to marry the one you couldn’t live without. Enjoy.

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