How To Plan And Run A Great Conference

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How to Plan and Run a Great Conference

At The Esplanade in Fremantle, we hosted and helped plan some of the leading conferences in Western Australia. And we can tell you from experience that getting a conference right takes a great deal of foresight, dedication and creativity. In other words, planning conferences is a lot of work.

Our event planning team can assist with the logistics and many of the details of the conferences we host. Our level of dedication to each event staged at The Esplanade sets us apart from other corporate venues in Fremantle. But that’s only part of the equation. The reality is that the best conferences are a labour of love for our clients. Let’s take a moment to consider what it takes to plan a run a truly world-class conference.

Planning a Great Conference Begins with a Strong Vision

There’s no getting around this factor. Every successful conference has a strong vision that underpins it – and this comes directly from the heart and mind of the conference organiser. Begin by considering why it is that you’re hosting this conference in the first place. What’s your ultimate goal in bringing all these people together under one roof?

Here are some possible reasons to organise a conference:

  • Allow like-minded people to meet one another, share experiences and network
  • Provide your team with the skills, expertise and motivation needed to fulfil their duties
  • Spread information about a particular topic, issue or area of interest

Those are just a few overarching ideas. Once you have articulated your vision, it’s time to start translating that into activities and numbers. This will help you create a conference that is powerful, effective and genuinely exciting to be part of.

Our event planning team may not be able to tell you why you are hosting your conference, but we can help you create an event that reflects your passion. This process begins with your first consultation and continues through to the final scheduled event.

Find a Venue that Reflects Your Vision

There are several corporate and function venues in Fremantle, but few have the appeal of the Esplanade. Our historic property in the heart of Freo is highly sought after. Attendees find themselves in reach of myriad local sights and attractions, which means they’ll have plenty to do and enjoy in the lead-up and follow-up to the event itself. That’s an important consideration.

And when it comes to logistics and details of your event, we can adapt our various functions rooms and venues so that they are perfectly suited to your event. The best conferences operate in the background. They seamlessly host each activity and seminar without distracting from their content. Your attendees will hardly notice how perfectly everything is coming together, because they’ll be so absorbed in the conference itself. But you, as the organiser, will see first-hand what a difference a competent event-planning team can make.

Contact The Esplanade to Start Planning the Best Conference Your Industry Has Seen

Our team have years and years of cumulative experience planning some of the region’s top conferences. Contact us now for help planning your next conference, and get ready to give your attendees an event to remember.