How to Do a Spectacular Wedding on a Small Budget

Kat-and-rob couple wedding in fremantle perth

The trend for bigger and bigger weddings that dominated the last couple of decades in Perth and elsewhere in Australia may not have fizzled out completely but many couples are opting for a more intimate ceremony and reception nowadays, partly to keep costs down and partly because smaller weddings can be such good fun. If you would like to organise a beautiful wedding without spending a fortune in the process, follow the tips below and you can have a perfect day at a very reasonable cost.

The following suggestions should all prove to be useful whatever type of wedding you happen to be planning.

  • Choose an Unorthodox Time – Among the most interesting of statistics relating to marriages and weddings in Australia is the fact that more couples choose to tie the knot on a Saturday than on any other day, which means that booking wedding venues in Perth for this particular day of the week is sure to cost you more. If, for example, you decide to get married on a Wednesday afternoon instead, you can almost certainly negotiate a better price for your reception venue than if you were to follow the example of your peers.
  • Look for Unusual Locations – One of the best wedding venue tips for couples who do not wish to blow all their savings on their big day is to look for more affordable locations that are outside of the city centre. You could book a wedding venue in Fremantle, for example, for considerably less than you would pay in the centre of Perth. The great thing about holding your wedding somewhere like Fremantle is that not only do you benefit from lower prices, you get to enjoy a beautiful location that will make your day even more special, not less. Imagine a wonderful beachside ceremony for far less than you would pay in the centre of town!
  • Only Invite Close Friends and Family – Guests lists that get out of control are the enemy of budget weddings in Perth and any other part of the country so make sure you only invite those people you really want to be there to see you getting married.
  • Enquire About Special Packages – Most good wedding reception venues in Perth and Fremantle offer a range of packages designed to suit various budgets. By choosing a package that maybe includes a 3-course meal rather than a 6-course meal, and fewer beverages at the open bar, you can save a significant amount on the overall cost of your reception.

There are many other ways in which you can save money when you get married but in our opinion, choosing one of the unique wedding venues near Perth rather than in the city itself – somewhere like historic Fremantle with its beautiful coastal location and iconic landmarks – is one of the best suggestions you can follow. With many great settings for photo shoots and affordable venues such as the Esplanade Hotel, Fremantle is a great place for a spectacular budget wedding.