Tips Your Wedding Photographer Forgot To Tell You

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5 Tips Your Wedding Photographer Forgot to Tell You

The Esplanade is one of the leading wedding venues in Perth. And given our property’s historic appeal and timeless architecture, it’s also a popular place to host wedding photo shoots. We’ve worked with countless wedding photographers over the years – and we’ve talked with many of them about their approach to their craft as well as any special tips they have for their clients.

With that in mind, here are five wedding photography tips that your own photographer may have forgotten to mention:

  1. Explore Your Venue with Your Photographer in Advance.
    When it comes to taking photographs, each venue has its own strengths, weaknesses and quirks. You’ll want to discuss these with your photographer in advance. At The Esplanade, we gladly welcome couples and their wedding photographers in for an advance look at the venue, so long as availability permits. This provides them a chance to discuss which locations within the property they would like to feature whilst giving the photographer the chance to do any prep work that may be needed.
  2. Expect Hair and Makeup to Take Longer than Anticipated.
    Even at The Esplanade, where our dedicated wedding coordinator will help with many of the details, it can still be easy to become overwhelmed with all the tasks that need tending to. In our experience, hair and makeup often end up taking longer than anticipated, if only because you want every little detail to be absolutely perfect. Keep this in mind when setting your schedule, and consider giving yourself an extra buffer in the hair-and-makeup department.
  3. It’s Okay to Practice for Your Photo Shoot.
    There’s nothing quite like a beautifully candid moment captured on film, but a strong wedding photo shoot includes plenty of well-framed, posed shots as well. With that in mind, you might want to spend some time leading up to your big day actually practicing a few of your poses in the mirror. Doing so well will almost certainly improve your posture during the shoot, and it will also help you determine which angles are most flattering.
  4. Your Photographer Doesn’t Know Who the VIPs at Your Wedding Are.
    It may go without saying that your photographer doesn’t know your family (unless they do, of course), but it can be easy to forget this in the rush of the big day. If there are certain people in the mix that you would like your photographer to give special attention to, be sure to task someone to pointing these people out to the photographer as they arrive at your wedding venue.
  5. A Good Backdrop Will Get a Lot of Attention.
    The little details of your ceremony and reception matter, and if you choose The Esplanade as your wedding venue in Fremantle, your wedding coordinator will help ensure that all of the little details are in place. But we’ve found that backdrops tend to receive a great deal more attention – at least from attendees and photographers. At The Esplanade, we can work with you to create highly photogenic backdrops that are sure to be a hit on your wedding day.

If you’re in the early planning stages of your wedding, take a moment to browse our wedding blog for other wedding venue tips. And when you’re ready, contact us to start planning your dream wedding.