Top 5 reasons to have an offseason wedding

Abrolhos Function Room Wedding Venue - Esplanade Hotel Fremantle by Rydges - Perth

Picking your wedding date can mean a lot of back and forth between you and your partner. There are so many different factors to consider and, when you finally land on a date, it can be frustrating to discover that it’s going to be in the middle of winter.

Don’t despair and don’t change that date. We’ve prepared a list of why your offseason wedding could be way more magical than a summer one!

1. More people are available
You know that friend you really want at your wedding? The one who always seems to be off on one adventure after the other? They’ll probably be available for your offseason wedding! People tend to save their holidays for good weather, meaning that you’ll probably get everyone you want to your special day!

2. Easier to book venue dates
When it comes to a summer wedding, you’ll be fighting to get your date. In contrast, an offseason wedding means it will be easier to book the date you want. This can save you from stressing whether someone is going to poach your date before you can pay the deposit!

3. The weather is on your side
Nothing is more fun than attending a wedding in summer, in black tie, while the hot Perth sun beats down. Let’s face it, your mates won’t love you less for making them sweat in their Sunday best but it might make your wedding memorable for the wrong reasons. An offseason wedding means that your guests can dress up nice and fancy without risking heatstroke. It also means that you, whether bride or groom, won’t have to worry about sweat patches in photographs!

4. Solve stress with indoor venues
While the weather can never spoil your special day, it can certainly take some of the shine off. Whether it’s an unpredictable summer shower, or a breeze that steals your celebrant’s papers, it can be the last thing you need as you walk down the aisle. A winter wedding gives you the chance to use an indoor venue, and nobody can argue with it! Indoor venues take a lot of the stress out of worrying about the weather while looking equally beautiful. At the Esplanade Hotel, you have a choice of beautiful and historic venues to choose from!

5. Something different
Wedding fatigue is the dreaded feeling that you’re about to sit through another wedding. It’s not an indictment of the married couple, just that your guests have just been to so many weddings in the past few months. An offseason wedding is something different because it doesn’t happen at the same time as all the other weddings. It’s a palate cleanser and will be that much more memorable for it.

Ultimately, your special day is special because you and your partner are getting married. When it happens, summer or winter, is less important than it happens with the person you love.

Esplanade Hotel can help you plan your special day. We offer a variety of wedding packages and a dedicated wedding coordinator who makes it easy for you to plan the day of your dreams. Contact us today on 08 9432 4801 and plan your winter wedding.