Top Tips for a Great Summer Wedding

Couple Summer Wedding in Fremantle

Summer is here, and soon-to-be-married couples across WA are in the midst of planning their weddings and searching for the best Perth wedding venues. Summer is an outstanding time to stage a wedding. The weather is perfect; people are in good spirits; and friends and relatives are likely to have a bit more holiday time on their hands. The latter means those who are based further afield will have the chance to attend.

Of course, with this many variables in their favour, couples are likely to feel even a bit more pressure than usual to plan the ultimate, unforgettable wedding. With that in mind, the events team at the Esplanade Hotel has collected a few of our top tips for planning a great summer wedding in Perth:

  1. Find a Comfortable Balance between Indoor and Outdoor Settings
    For a summer wedding, most people are interested in taking advantage of the exceptional weather in Perth by staging an outdoor wedding. However, too much of the outdoors can translate into too much heat – especially for the bride, groom and bridal party, none of whom are likely to be dressed for it.

The solution is to plan your wedding at a venue with outdoor elements, so that guests can step outside to enjoy the weather when they feel like it, and then easily retreat back into the air-conditioning once they sense the temperature rising. Between the Esplanade’s Southern Cross Gala Ballroom and Poolside Bar, you’ll have all of the indoor and outdoor space needed to ensure everyone is comfortable from the beginning of the ceremony through to the end of the reception.

  1. Serve Lighter Fare
    As one of the leading wedding reception venues in Perth, the Esplanade Hotel has seen its fair share of summer weddings. We understand that the catering at a wedding is one of the most important considerations, and we regularly advise couples not to serve anything too heavy, hearty or creamy.

Summer heat and heavy foods don’t mix. But don’t let that trouble you. Our affordable summer wedding packages were designed with this idea in mind. We’ll see to it that the food served at your reception is delicious, refreshing and perfectly suited for the weather.

  1. Position Your Guests So They Can Enjoy the Weather
    This is especially important if you have a few guests arriving from out of state. They’re coming to witness and enjoy your special day, but many of them are also likely to make a weekend (or even a week) out of it. If your wedding is being planned at an enviable destination, they can more easily segue from your ceremony to a full-on summer holiday.

There is plenty to enjoy in Fremantle, from the galleries and museums to the atmospheric historic precinct with its Victorian and Edwardian architecture (which offer beautiful photo opportunities, by the way). And at the end of the day, nothing beats the opportunity to relax at the water’s edge after the entire event has come to a close. There’s truly no better place to plan a summer wedding in Fremantle.

If you’re planning a summer wedding in Perth, have a look at our affordable wedding packages to find out more about the high-value benefits we can offer. And don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help designing a beautiful summer wedding that will fit your budget.