What Not To Do The Week Before ‘I Do’


If you’re counting down to your wedding day, then chances are that you’ve already compiled a checklist of tasks to complete as the big day approaches. It’s easy to get stressed trying to straighten out all of the tasks that you need to complete. It’s so easy, in fact, that many brides-to-be can easily forget to remain mindful of things they ought to avoid doing.

At the Esplanade Hotel in Fremantle, we regularly host elegant and extravagant weddings, and we know first-hand just how stressful the lead-up to a wedding can be. We’ve also learned a thing or two about which activities and considerations are better off avoided. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a short checklist of three things that couples should avoid in the lead-up to their special day:

  1. Getting Too Little Sleep

There are so many seemingly minor considerations to tend to in the days leading up to your ceremony and reception, and you’ll almost certainly be short on time. Last-minute activities such as filling out seating charts, finalising music playlists and packing for the honeymoon can accumulate – leaving you with too much to do and too little time to complete it.

Getting too little sleep is, of course, bad for your body. It can contribute to weight gain, dark circles under the eyes and overall higher anxiety. Being sleep deprived can also weaken your immune system, which is the last thing you need in those final days. Give yourself an advantage by getting plenty of rest the last couple of nights before the ceremony. And if you’ve chosen The Esplanade wedding venue in Fremantle, you could even book a room on site to enjoy even higher-quality rest and pampering before your wedding day.

  1. Attempting a New Workout Routine

Exercise is a great remedy for stress, and putting yourself through the paces of a regular routine can be a great way to keep you sharp, alert and de-stressed. But this is not the time to try anything adventurous in the exercise department.

It’s understandable that you want to look your best for your wedding day – and that may mean giving your arms a bit of extra definition or shedding just a bit more from your waistline. But taking up a new routine is risky. You could end up with sore muscles or – worse yet – a full-on injury. Most experts recommend sticking to those routines your body is already used to during the final month before your wedding. Save those adventurous routines for the honeymoon.

  1. Obsessing Over the Details

Your wedding day is going to be one of the most memorable days of your life – and it’s sure to be absolutely amazing. But in your desire to make things run as smoothly as possible, beware the temptation to get too involved to the point that you’re micromanaging every aspect of preparation.

If you host your wedding at The Esplanade, you’ll have an FCEC wedding planner who can handle the details on your behalf. Take advantage of services like this so that you can spend more time focusing on preparing yourself and spending time with the people you care most about.

Do you need any more advice regarding Perth wedding venues or how to get prepared for your wedding day? Contact the wedding planners at The Esplanade Fremantle for more information.